Ultra Fine Carnauba Wax Reloading Bullet Coating


This vegetable wax is from the Carnauba palm that grows in northern Brazil.  Please check your custom’s laws regarding the shipping of non-native plant by-products.

When substituting Carnauba Wax for Beeswax in an existing recipe reduce the amount of wax by half since since Carnauba Wax has twice the stiffening power of Beeswax.

Carnauba Wax has a melting point of approximately 180 F.


Wax is harvested from a tree in Brazil. Will need to be soften to use as a lube. Use it as a base to make your own lube for your firearms. Price is cheap enough to experiment with. Methods: Melt it to liquid form and dip the coated bullets to seal the lube. Others mix the wax with corncob media tumble/polish your coated bullets. Some heat bullets, drop them in the wax, remove, then tumble. Find what works for you. Doesn’t take much wax. A heaping tablespoon will do several hundred. Just rotate the container when the wax is liquid. Bullets get slightly darker as they are waxed so you can see when they are all coated. Honestly, smells like Play-Doh


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