Reloading Molybdenum Disulfide


The idea and theory behind moly coated bullets is less work on the barrel, less barrel fouling, longer barrel life, and more accurate shooting.  

Moly coated bullets have been around for a long time now.   Molybdenum disulfide is a very “slippery” product with great lube properties at both high heat and high pressures.   Moly coated bullets are proven to  reduce pressures as well as velocity. Typically pressure is reduced by a larger percentage than velocity.



Color: Black
Specific Gravity(1) at 25°C (77°F): 4.8
Particle Size, average/maximum microns: 4.3/62
Molybdenum Disulfide Content percent: 98.7
Coefficient of Friction(2): 0.04
Chemical Stability: Inert in most common solvents; can be dissolved only by strong oxidizing acids
Temperature Range Lubrication characteristics: relatively unchanged from -226 to
399°C (-375 to 750°F)
Radiation Exposure: Undamaged by 5 X 109 roentgens gamma radiation
Oxygen Exposure: Successfully used on bearing surfaces exposed to either liquid or gaseous oxygen under extreme impact conditions

1Solid material; not bulk density.
2Test Conditions – Faville LeValley,


Little Bit Goes a Long way.  1oz should yield about 10k .30 cal sized bullet coatings.


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