Reloading bullet tumbling Boron Nitride (hBN) Powder Kit

$49.95 has done extensive testing with both varmint and match rifles. We believe the Boron Nitride coating significantly reduces both copper and carbon barrel fouling with results showing that  100 rounds to be fired with no significant reduction in accuracy. Our product applies easily in a vibratory tumbler.  Our process uses tumbling media to ensure to get the Boron Nitride to adhere to your bullets.  Pair coated bullets with HBN barrel treatment to ensure that the first shot fired out of a clean and pre-lubed barrel can be trusted as the true impact point.

Happy shooting!  Remember don’t shoot naked.  Coat your bullets!

How much powder would you like?


Hex boron nitride (hBn) reloading bullet coating

This is for a complete hex boron nitride (hBn) reloading bullet coating kit.  Kit will work either with vibration or tumbler methods.  We have put it all together for you.  Save time, save money on shipping, no extra waste.  Should be plug and play, ready to go.  All you need need is your application of choice.

Expected yield is 10K of coated bullets .30 cal in size.

1 oz of Hex-Boron Nitride (hBN) Powder Powder

APS: 0.5 micron (important size.   -5 mesh is larger and less reactive)

1x 500ml Tumbling Bottle with screw on cap

1lb of new jewelry mix steel tumbling media

2x measuring spoons

Instructions for application

This is an excellent production video of how to apply Hex Boron to bullets.  We could not be happier it was made with our product.  As he states, there is enough powder to do a lifetime of shooting.


Bench Notes

These are typically applied by tumbling/impact media. Either steel or ceramic is fine. Just as long as it is clean media and your bullets are free from oil prior to applying. Many have also experimented without the tumbling media and only the bullets.  With this process, just note it will require more hBn per use as there is nothing that is “preloaded” with the boron besides the tumbling bottle.  If you increase the amount of surface area doing the job, it will be quicker with less powder.

If this is an application used after using moly of ws2 then a proper barrel cleaning is needed.  You need to clean your barrel down to the steel as the pressures and heat will cause unknown chemical reactions in the very spot that you are trying to protect.  This is the best way that I have found on the internet to clean your barrel down to bare steel.  


Hex boron nitride power (hBN) is 98% Pure, APS: 0.5 micron. At this particle size, this powder is also used as a suspension when mixed with alcohol as bore treatment. This size is also very sensitive to water vapor, despite what others say. It’s particle size is what makes it react with water. Take precautions.  Keep container closed.




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