1. Suspension is made by mixing the hex boron in rubbing alcohol 90% (or higher). Use one tablespoon in 16 ounces of rubbing alcohol. (3x yellow scoops) Always shake prior to use. Settling will occur.

2. Cleaning barrel to the best of your ability- no blackish streaks on the cleaning patches that are passed through the bore.

3. Once barrel meets this requirement. Using the Bore-Tips™ swabs soaked with the Hex boron solution, run 2 passes through your barrel. Then you’re done ready for your next day at the range.

Alcohol is NOT provided as it must be shipped as hazardous material. It is far cheaper to get from your local pharmacy. The higher the concentration the better, as the other part is distilled water. 90% by volume is the LEAST amount suggested. We use 99% purity.