Guide to Applying Hex Boron to bullets  50 Bullets= .223 caliber sized.  Larger bullets have larger surface area to cover.  You will need slightly more powder for larger caliber.

1. Start with clean bullets. Wash them with warm water and dish soap and DRY them COMPLETELY.
2. Start with clean tumbling Media. Same as Step 1. Hex Boron at this size is very reactive to water. The hex boron will clump up and not coat well if water is present. You only need to clean the media once, before its first use.
3. Add  media to tumbling bottle. Use one bottle per type of lube. Do not reuse the bottle for additional types of lube i.e. boron or tungsten. No matter how well you think it is cleaned.
4. Add bullets to media in tumbling bottle.
5. Add boron to impact media. If you have already done this then skip to Step 6. For the first time use a larger measuring spoon (O.625cc) for coating tumbling media. You only need to do this step once unless media gets contaminated.
6. Add boron to tumbling bottle. Use smaller measuring spoon (O.15cc) per 50 bullets. So 100 bullets use 2 scoops, etc… Be sure to keep your additional boron dry. Close lid on container when not in use and make sure the desiccant stays in place.
7. Tumble/ vibrate for 2 hours for 100 rounds, add an additional 30 minutes per 100 extra bullets. The correct time will depend on your tumbler and the type of bullets.
8. Pull a coated bullet from your tumble bottle and polish the bullet by hand with a soft cloth once your initial tumbling process is completed. It is not necessary to polish till you can’t polish anymore, but get the “dust” layer off and inspect for uniform coverage over the entire bullet. If it is coated to your liking, you can polish the rest of them. If the sample is not coated evenly, tumble for additional time.
9. Media can be separated with a magnet or sieve. It’s your choice. Remember to protect your media. Do not get it contaminated with any other dust, dirt, sawdust, corn cob media, etc. Otherwise that will be impacted on your next batch of bullets.
10. Polish according to preference. Some do 2 separate types of polishing. The first polish is usually with a container containing shredded paper and the coated bullets. Shake container for about 30 seconds. The second or final polish is usually with a soft cloth of some sort. I have even read where a guy uses an old sock as a final polish. Just remember it needs to be clean and always stay clean.

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