Hex-Boron Nitride ( HBN ) Powder


Hexagonal Boron Nitride (HBN) is widely used to reduce friction in industrial applications, but it has only recently been adapted to bullets. The latest and greatest bullet-coating material, HBN is ultra-slippery, goes on clear (not powdery), and will not combine with moisture or potentially harm barrel steel. HBN also can withstand extremely high temps (1000° C). Many users feel HBN is cleaner to work with than Moly or WS2, and has fewer health risks.

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How much powder would you like?


Hex boron nitride power (hBN) is 98% Pure, APS: 0.5 micron. At this particle size, this powder is also used as a suspension when mixed with alcohol as bore treatment.  This size is also very sensitive to water vapor, despite what others say. It’s particle size is what makes it react with water.

Standard sample size is .4oz. 0.4oz is about 1/3 cup of powder

At 8 grains per 400 rounds, this will go a long way! 0.4oz = 170 grains = Enough powder for about 8000 rounds.

hBN, 98% Pure, APS: 0.5 micron

These are typically applied by tumbling/impact media. Either steel or ceramic is fine. Just as long as it is clean media and your bullets are free from oil prior to applying. EXCELLENT SUBSTITUTE FOR MOLY OR WS2


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