Reloading bullet tumbling Molybdenum Disulfide Moly Powder Kit


Currently there are three materials used in coating bullets. Molybdenum Disulfide (“Moly”) has been used for years and is still a popular choice. More recent alternatives include Hexagonal Boron Nitride (“HBN”) and Tungsten Disulfide (“WS2”).

A little moly goes a long way, believe it. Take care not to inhale powdered moly.


This is for a complete tumbling kit.  Kit will work either with vibration or tumbler methods.  We have put it all together for you.  Save time, save money on shipping, no extra waste.  Should be plug and play, ready to go.  All you need need is your application of choice. 

Expected yield of moly contents is 30K of coated bullets .30 cal in size.

Wax might not go as far.  Depends on method of appliaction.

3 oz of Molybdenum Disulfide Moly Powder

APS: 1.5 micron

2x 500ml Tumbling Bottle with screw on cap

1lb of new jewelry mix steel tumbling media

3oz of Ultra Fine Carnauba Wax

2x measuring spoons

Instructions for application 


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