Hex Boron Nitride (hBN) Powder Barrel / Bore Kit


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This is for a complete lube kit. We have put it all together for you.  Save time, save money on shipping, no extra waste.  Should be plug and play, ready to go. 

Kit Includes: 

1 oz of Hex-Boron Nitride (hBN) Powder Powder

APS: 0.5 micron (important size.   -5 mesh is larger and less reactive)

1x 16oz Boston Round Squeeze Bottle

Bore-Tips™ applicator of choice 

Measuring spoons

Instructions for application 



Suspension is made by mixing the hex boron in rubbing alcohol 90% (or higher). Use one teaspoon in 16 ounces of rubbing alcohol. 

Cleaning barrel to the best of your ability- no blackish streaks on the cleaning patches that are passed through the bore.  Once barrel meets this requirement.   Using the Bore-Tips™ swabs soaked with the Hex boron solution, run 2 passes through your barrel.  Then you’re done ready for your next day at the range.

Alcohol is NOT provided as it has to be shipped as hazardous material.  It is far cheaper to get from your local pharmacy.  The higher the concentration the better, as the other part is distilled water.  90% by volume is the LEAST amount suggested.  We use 99% purity.   


Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) is also known as ‘White Graphite’, has similar (hexagonal) crystal structure as of Graphite. This crystal structure provides excellent lubricating properties. hBN is much superior to Graphite and has following characteristics:

•Excellent Lubricating Properties due to low Coefficient of Friction at 0.15 to 0.70
•Good Chemical Inertness
•Electrical Insulator
•Thermal Conductor (result: better heat dissipation)
•High Temperature Stability, 1000o C in Air, 1400o C in Vacuum and 1800o C in Inert gas
•Low Thermal Expansion
•Low Dielectric Constant
•High Load bearing properties
•Non-Wetting: hBN is not wetted by Glasses, Salts and (most) metals, therefore it provides strong resistance to chemical attack Easy Machineability (in hot pressed state). Complex shapes can be machined from hot pressed structure.

At 8 grains per 400 rounds, this will go a long way! 0.4oz = 170 grains = Enough powder for about 8000 rounds.

hBN, 98% Pure, APS: 0.5 micron


Hex boron nitride power (hBN) is 98% Pure, APS: 0.5 micron. At this particle size, this powder is also used as a suspension when mixed with alcohol as bore treatment (bore treatment link). This size is also very sensitive to water vapor, despite what others say. It’s particle size is what makes it react with water. To help prevent clumping, each unit is packed with a desiccant. We do not carry the “nano” size particle (70 nm) as it is smaller than the pores of your skin and can be absorbed through contact. If you breathe a cloud of this in, it will easily coat your entire airway and lungs which is not in a human’s best interest. Therefore, we were highly suggested from our supplier not to use this particle size for liability concerns. Some people just do not understand plain anatomy and physiology.



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