Ammo Can Caliber Label Stickers


Buy Ammo Labels for dozens of different calibers. Shop our collection of top-quality adhesive vinyl Ammunition labels sized to fit ammo cans perfectly for easy organization. All of our adhesive vinyl products are durable, weatherproof, and UV-resistant. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Each pack consists of 5 stickers.
2x 6”x3” Stickers
3x 3”x1” Stickers


Ammo Can Caliber Label Stickers

If you’re storing a lot of ammo and have a closest or safe stuffed wall to wall with ammo cans, odds are good you’re serious about it. We like to label all sides of our ammo cans because we can, plus it looks James Bond Sharp! Label your Ammo Can Caliber Label Stickers containers so you can clearly identify the caliber inside so you can quickly grab what you need and go.

Made with Oracle 651 Vinyl. The industry standard for high performance vinyl films. Only 2.5 mils thick, ORACAL 651 offers six year outdoor durability and flexibility. This high-quality film is a good choice for long term needs and even outdoor storage.  USA vinyl for American expectations.

We offer high quality vinyl stickers in EVERY Caliber.  Simply fill out the Custom Field.
• 9mm, 45 ACP and 40 S&W for handgun loads and .223, 5.56, .308 and 7.62×39 for rifle shooters.
• Suitable fit for 30 cal ammo cans and just perfect for the larger 50 cal military spec. ammo cans.

If you don’t see what you use, let me know we can make it for you and probably others want it too! If you’re serious about ammo storage, these stickers are a great option to save yourself the hassle (and a lot of the cost) of printing your own while offering an attractive alternative that cleaner looking than a Sharpie marker and DucK Tape.

Each pack consists of 5 stickers.
3×6 ”x2” Stickers
1×3 ”x3” Stickers

Instructions included.  You will need to thoroughly clean the surface of your Ammo Container whether brand spanking new or taken to the range every weekend.  Its a once a lifetime job.  This will ensure a perfect transfer of the sticker.


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