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Need new media for your experiemnts? We got the perfect size and quantity! DOn;t use those copper plated BB's!


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Bullet Coating Reloading Media -Steel Jewelry Mix

A whole bunch of reloading tumbling media.


Stainless Steel prevents rusting.  Can be washed clean if you wanted to change to a different type of bullet lube.  We suggest just keeping one lube with one tumbling media.  

  • 1 Lbs. Jeweler's Stainless Steel Tumbler Shot Burnishing Mix incl.Eclipse-Diagonals-Pins,
  • 3/16" eclipse shaped
  • 3/16" x ¼" diagonals
  • 1/8" x ½" diagonal pins
  • 1lb is more than plenty to tumble
  • Becasue of its weight, it can not be shipped First Class Mail.  A $3.00 shipping chare has been added. 

Our price: $15.95