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Website will be changing hosting companies soon.  Please let me know if you run into any problems.  Will be upgrading to new shopping cart as well.  Both are active.



Quickest way to get a hold of me is through TEXT message.  210-219-3877  If you want a reply, text or email me.    

I rarely check voice mails.  They are just confusing and most of the time beyond my level of knowledge.  


I run a machine shop.  At this time there is no one for phone calls.  It's too loud to take them anyway.  This is a super small niche, I have a very small slice of the pie.  I offer the best I can.  If you are old fashion and need a voice to talk to, then probably need to look at another vendor.  It's okay with me.


I have shot a lot of rounds, I have not shot every round, and I have reloaded way less rounds than I have shot.  So if you are looking for TECH regarding reloading, I AM NOT that guy.  So if I tell you I dont have the answer,  please undesrtand.  


Took me a while, but I found a quality product with a process that works.  It's not fancy, and it's not super cool epoxy colored coverings.  It is the KISS method.  It works and that's what I offer.  Less time cleaning, more time shooting.  



Get it in less than 3 days time for $7.50! If you item will not fit in a small rate box, additional charges will apply.


Because of the size of the bottles all reloading kits (bullet and barrels) need to have Prioirty Mail shipping.  

Please select accordingly.  Don't be that guy that selects First Class shipping.  


International buyers. I have to ship things prioirty mail. Too many lost items parcel post.  Price reflects medium priority mail box.   Yep.  Bottles can not fit inside a small prioirty mail box. If it does not cost $75.00 to ship to your country, I will refund the difference.  However do not request a special invoice over this.  Just pay, and I will take care of the rest if needed.  If you can do without the bottles, email or text me.  Will make custom invoice for that.  Carnauba wax is a natural wax from trees. Please be aware of your customs regulations as I do not check them for you.  


Happy shooting!  Remember don't shoot naked.  Coat your bullets!





Relaoders! We offer moly, tungsten and hex boron powders in small quantities! Check out our Lubrication section. There's plenty in there to do a few 1000 rounds. Will not break the bank. Most powders are $15 or less shipped to your door in less than 4 days. We are located in TX! We are doing our part to keep America going!